Meet Our CEO: Driving Vision and Success

Behrouz Aynaci is an esteemed entrepreneur and bookbinding expert, boasting two decades of industry experience. With a strong reputation for quality and customer service, he successfully established and managed a book cloth production and bookbinding business in Iran. Inspired by the philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen), Behrouz now aims to expand his enterprise to Canada.

From a young age, Behrouz fostered a deep passion for bookbinding, spending countless hours in his family’s bookshop, captivated by the art’s intricacy and craftsmanship. Armed with formal education and unwavering determination, he embarked on his journey to leave a mark on the bookbinding industry. Beginning with a small shop in Tehran, Behrouz meticulously refined his skills, earning accolades for his exceptional quality and attention to detail.

His businesses quickly gained a devoted following among book collectors and publishers, drawn to the personalized service and impeccable craftsmanship he provided. Now, Behrouz is thrilled to bring his expertise and renowned reputation to Canada, recognizing the country’s vibrant literary culture and growing interest in bookbinding as an art form.

Setting his sights on Ontario, Behrouz plans to establish a branch of his bookbinding business, catering to collectors, publishers, and individuals who appreciate the beauty and longevity of handcrafted books. Committed to upholding his exacting standards, he intends to assemble a team of skilled artisans and bookbinding experts who share his passion for excellence.

With Behrouz’s vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication to quality, his bookbinding enterprise is poised to become a trusted and esteemed name within Canada’s burgeoning bookbinding community. Book enthusiasts and collectors can anticipate the unique and personalized services that only a master bookbinder like Behrouz can provide, breathing life into their literary treasures.

Below is a glimpse of our organizational chart, showcasing the talented individuals who will contribute their expertise to our Canadian branch:

From master bookbinders and designers to customer service professionals, each member of our team plays a vital role in ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. As we work collaboratively, our shared goal is to create stunning handcrafted books that preserve cherished memories, showcase artistic visions, and captivate book lovers throughout Canada.

We look forward to sharing our passion for bookbinding with you and invite you to explore our services and meet our team. Together, we will bring your bookbinding dreams to life.